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Photoshop Psd Free Download Wedding


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The easiest way to learn Photoshop is to take advantage of its built-in tutorials. The tutorials are either part of the program or are located on disk (for a fee) and can be found on the Help menu. However, you can find plenty of Photoshop tutorials online. Mastering basic tools Photoshop, by its name, requires a set of basic tools that you normally find on any cutting-edge graphics workstation. To this day, there are more photographers who use Photoshop than there are designers. In this section, you get a quick overview of the basic tools that are essential to any image-editing job. The magic wand tool All the basic editing tools in Photoshop are represented in the Toolbox, which is located in the lower-left corner of the window. In this section of the Toolbox, you see the magic wand tool, shown in Figure 2-1. The magic wand tool is very handy for picking out an area from an image, particularly a photograph. The magic wand tool is as easy to use as clicking the left mouse button. Unlike clicking (which can be very difficult to learn for some people), clicking with the magic wand tool is easy and fun. Just click to select the area you want to edit and then start your editing right away. No more complicated clicking! **Figure 2-1:** The magic wand tool is used to select areas of an image for editing. Photoshop brushes and filters If you’ve used Photoshop in the past, you may remember the old Photoshop brushes that you could install on a monitor and apply to create all kinds of artwork. You can find Photoshop brushes online and install them on your computer. Besides creating brushes, filters are now a popular way to apply effects and edit images. Filters are available through the Filter Gallery. To access the Filter Gallery, on the Window menu, choose Filter Gallery to view the online Filter Gallery. Download the filters that you want to use and put them in your own library. Color and Image Adjustments When you select one or more areas of an image for editing in Photoshop, you use the tools on the Adjustments panel that are enabled for that image. These tools are basically for changing colors, adding or subtracting colors, and cropping or resizing images. (See the accompanying figure.) The Picture menu offers all the basic Picture tools that you can use on an image. You can apply all sorts of basic

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Today, the software costs $90. That’s very expensive, especially in comparison to other image editors like the $50 Photoshop Express which is more limited in what it can do. Therefore, the software can be paid many times over for the personal use of creating images. Adobe Photoshop Elements 16, however, has the potential to change that. The update brings three main features — 10 new photo effects, including Comic and Artistic styles; 7 new Smart Fix tools that improve image quality; and new workflows to help photographers organize, share, and maintain their pictures. All those features sound good, but what will really entice people to upgrade? Let’s look at how the software could potentially make their own life easier. 10 new Photo Effects The third edition of Adobe Photoshop Elements 16 will bring the innovative Photo Effects to make new life in your images. They offer a wide range of features in an easy-to-use interface. With Photo Effects, you can apply effects to a single object, or as a group. To do that, just select the object from the sidebar, or choose from the Photo Effects panel which has been displayed in the main window. You’ll see the new Photo Effects options like Comic and Artistic styles, Dynamic Highlight Enhancer, Glow, Saturation, Threshold, Vignette, Wrist, and Zipper. You’ll also see the adjustment tools like Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Tint, and Saturation that are used to influence the object’s colors. In addition, Photo Effects gives you a wide range of options that includes the ability to change the size of the image, create a special clone (an enhanced version of a duplicate image) for different use or replace one specific object in the image. All Photo Effects are composed of two parts, namely the underlying editing tools and the filters (graphic effects). For some effects, you need to select certain tools from the Tools panel. It gives you more control of the appearance of the effect. It’s worth noting that Photoshop Elements can be purchased in a bundle with Photoshop Lightroom, Elements Photo Pack, and Adobe Spark Studio, so you can save 15 to 40 percent on your purchases. Although Photo Effects is a great tool for image editing, it can’t yet compete with the professional version. The biggest problem is the $30 per effect price. 7 05a79cecff

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