RecSound Crack Free Download [Updated]

RecSound Crack Free Download [Updated]

RecSound is a recording application designed to handle sounds from various sources, such as telephone lines, radio receivers and microphones. Users are provided with two recording channels, left and right, for each stereo input. A multi-purpose recorder to suit your needs The application does not have any special hardware or software requirements in order to run properly on your computer, however, it does have a unique trait. RecSound consists of two separate applications: RecSound Core and Control. The first does not have a user interface, while the second cannot work without the first. Users cannot access the Core, relying on the Control window to perform any actions. Record from multiple sources at the same time RecSound supports up to twelve sources being recorded simultaneously. This feature is great for multi-tasking, but, at the same time, it is confusing to keep track of so many recordings. The application handles all audio sources in one window, with little to no differences in naming them. Moreover, each source addition comes at an extra cost, a feature that users might not going to appreciate. Another problem raised by the multitude of audio sources is the quality of the recordings. At the moment, all recordings have the same sample rate and bits per sample, meaning users get the same results regardless of the quality of the audio source. A powerful embedded player that provides audio processing RecSound offers a built-in audio player that is equipped with a number of processing tools. Users can access graph and parameter equalizers, spectrum inversion, automatic gain control (AGC) and several decoders. This looks great on paper, but, in reality, all these features do not work as well as they should. In conclusion, RecSound is an interesting application that offers a few useful features, which can be used in a number of different fields. However, users might not be so enthusiastic about the pricing or the several design flaws.







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Sound Recorder: Clients can record audio input in any available input device. The recorded audio is stored in a temporary folder, and can be replaced, deleted or moved to the main RecSound folder. A sound plays back when clicking a record button, an option that can be disabled. For each audio device, the captured audio can be saved on the left or right channel, or both, which provides a stereo recording. Multitasker: Clients can record up to twelve audio sources at the same time. The application saves the audio into two folders, left and right, in the main RecSound folder. Each audio source can be assigned an ID to distinguish them, that can be displayed in the list of inputs. For each source, a secondary input field is displayed, with a link to the source’s recording, so that clients can easily access, edit or delete the audio files. Gain control: Clients can adjust the gain of individual audio input devices. The gain can be configured to match the computer system’s output devices. Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC): Users can select between four different codecs. The selection is performed by input devices, requiring the installation of corresponding drivers. A version is available for Windows Vista and Windows 7. The program uses an RV1307 chip. Decoders: Users can select any of the decoders that are installed on their computer. The program uses MP3, Ogg, WAV and AAC decoders, depending on the input device. Equalizer: Clients can adjust the equalizer’s frequency band. The equalizer can be used to compensate for noise and distortion. Spectrum inversion: Clients can invert the spectra of the audio being recorded. This is a handy feature that allows users to save the recorded audio in a different file format. For instance, if users want to play back a.ogg file, which has been recorded with the soundcard’s input, they will no longer get audio distortion, if the spectra of the file is inverted. Automatic gain control (AGC): Users can adjust the automatic gain control feature of the input devices. The AGC adjusts the volume in such a way that, during a recording, the volume of the input device remains the same regardless of the audio being captured. The application recognizes small fluctuations in volume and sets the AG

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RecSound Free Download is a multi-purpose application designed to record and play back sounds from various sources, such as internal and external microphones, telephone lines, radio receivers and more. Applications are both commercial and home-use, covering all areas of recorded sound from office work to live performances. Users are provided with two recording channels for each stereo input. Recording is performed using two drivers: the Input and the Record. The Input serves as the sound source, recording any sound in the environment. The Record offers a two-band equalizer, mono-polar or bi-polar recording and spectrogram. Playing back the recorded sound is performed using the Output and the Playback drivers. The output offers the following options: mono, stereo, two channels with a software mixer, mono-polar or bi-polar playback. The playback can be played back live or saved to a file. Overall, the application works very well and could fit any need. However, it has a few shortcomings that limit its overall usefulness. JULIA-WIDE VIEW RECORD/PLAYBACK Records: The Input plays any sound in the environment and records it to a WAV file, each channel has a preamp or a pre-2-band equalizer. Records all available input audio in one channel. There is no channel assignment, meaning users can open any channel and record from it. Each channel can be individually turned on and off. A number of pre-defined equalizers are available for each channel. They are all based on the Audacity EQ plugin and can be configured using the ‘Fc=’ parameter. The channels have their own gain, which can be individually turned on and off and tweaked using the ‘T’ parameter. The built-in spectogram is defined by the ‘Fs’ (frames per second) and ‘W’ (sample width) parameters. Recordings are stored to disc, and the name of the file is defined by the ‘Fs’ parameter. Playing back recordings: A WAV file can be imported into any recording application. Audacity stores the audio data in 24-bit, 44.1 kHz format. Playing back a saved recording requires a certain WAV file extension (usually.wav). For instance, if users save the recording to disc using ‘Playback -save’, it has the extension ‘.wav’. Selecting the � b7e8fdf5c8


Two times more powerful than RecVoice. Addicted to multi-tasking? Start recording from multiple sources at the same time. Processing audio in software, RecSound provides better results than using built-in processing options. The RecSound Player is a completely embedded player. RecSound is the Professional Multi-channel Audio Recorder with the most powerful features on the market. Audio input source (MIC, Line In, or Radio) is recorded through the powerful built-in audio processor, in any format, while up to 12 other audio sources may also be recorded through the built-in audio processor. RecSound includes the RecSound Recorder, a multi-channel recorder, which has up to 12 channels, each with 16-bit samples. It is an excellent tool for recording telephone calls, dictations or any other conversation. RecSound includes the RecSound Player, an embedded audio player. It provides a powerful audio processing and it may be used to play wav files, wave files and MP3 files. It can be used to play multiple audio streams simultaneously while processing them through many powerful functions. The RecSound player is embedded in your system and a dedicated window is created for better performance. The RecSound audio processor can process audio in real time through the built-in audio processor. It provides only a real-time analysis of audio data present on your computer system and provides your system with audio samples with a resolution of 16-bits. This built-in audio processor: – Automatically converts sound from 32/16-bit to 16-bit (and vice-versa). – Provides the ability to amplify or reduce volume (gain). – Provides the ability to apply volume, sound balance, automatic gain control, and special effects. – Provides the ability to isolate audio through spectrum Inversion (Signal to Noise Ratio). – Provides the ability to connect to WebAudio application through Internet (like Shoutcast or Icecast) The RecSound recorder provides a double buffer for better performance. It records in PCM format (16-bit samples) and has an application that provides compatibility with Windows Media Player. It offers multiple recording modes and can operate up to 12 audio sources at the same time. It is an excellent tool for recording telephone calls, dictations or any other conversation. Recordings can be played in WMA or MP3 (compressed) formats. The built-in player is

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One of the sound recording applications available, RecSound provides users with two recording channels to record sounds from multiple sources. The list of supported sources includes hardware, such as sound cards and microphones, and standard media sources, such as webcams and flash-based media. Both channels have their own track, with which users can mix sounds from multiple sources and, at the same time, copy and paste an audio clip into a text editor. The application has a multi-purpose recorder, allowing users to record a file with the specified name. RecSound does not require any audio card drivers, but it works with all software drivers out there, thanks to its integrated audio player. Moreover, the application is easy to use, with an interface that resembles the standard windows media player. The user interface of RecSound is very simple, with a main window and a toolbar. The main window offers various options to the user, who can always access the audio recorder from the left-bottom corner of the application window. The toolbar contains two buttons: one to stop recording and one to start, the latter of which is always available in the left-top corner. The audio recorder starts recording at the current time and lets users control the recording quality, be it the sampling rate, bits per sample or mono/stereo recording. Once the recording is done, users can access the embedded player from the bottom-right corner of the screen. This player offers access to each source included in RecSound, along with volume and audio settings. When there is a problem with a source, RecSound automatically starts another recording in the remaining channels. The embedded player also offers graph and parameter equalizers, a spectrum analyzer, automatic gain control and several decoders for audio content. During recording, the user can save every action he makes, and, later, he can access this history to play back the recording. Moreover, the user can record a separate profile for every audio source, sharing its parameters with the others. RecSound Core: RecSound Core is a stand-alone recorder with no user interface. The application is in a standalone executable file, which means that users can run it without having installed any additional software on their computer. Once opened, it does not allow users to open any other files, except the ones already saved in the RecSound folder. Nevertheless, users can make the RecSound core appear on their taskbar, letting them access the application from the windows desktop. When the application is run, users are requested to provide

System Requirements For RecSound:

Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP3 / Vista SP2 / Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8 SP1 Processor: Intel Pentium D 2.0 GHz Memory: 1 GB RAM Hard Disk Space: 12 GB available space Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible hardware with Shader Model 3.0 capable of hardware acceleration Note: if you are using Vista or Windows 8, you must install the latest version of the video card driver from ATI, NVIDIA, or your system manufacturer.